Selected for the Best Overall Game and Best Presentation awards for the Sheridan Fall 2018 Sprint Week, Creepy Creperie is an Alt-Ctrl game built using the Makey Makey.

A one minute gameplay video that features our mechanics and design philosophies

Process Work


Each semester, the 1st to 3rd year students in the Honours Bachelor of Game Design program are randomly assigned groups of 5-6 people to create a game in one week. A game-jam-esque experience, students are given a theme on the Monday of Sprint Week and must submit their finished build and gameplay video by the same Friday at noon. Games are then shortlisted and judged by guest feedback gurus. This Sprint Week's judges were Sagan Yee from the Hand Eye Society, Danielle Hopkins from Electric Perfume, and interactive developer and designer David Fono.

Creepy Creperie was conceptualized on the second day of Sprint Week, as our original idea could not be developed due to unexpected hardware incompatibilities. As such, it was designed and created on Tuesday to Thursday.


Balloon Game - Kevin Macleod