4 boys yesterday

4 Boys Yesterday is an interactive mafia-themed story set during 1920's prohibition. 

It takes place in the middle of a turf war between the Lanza and Pirotti families. As both families attempt to monopolize the illegal sale of booze by controlling territory with speakeasies, the protagonist, Nicolo Arra, joins the Lanza ranks with the intention of climbing his way to the top - and tearing them down from the inside.

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​Scarred by his past, Nicolo's life as a young boy is devastatingly uprooted when the Lanzas massacre his parents and younger brother. After ten years of living in hiding, the only meaning he is able to find in life is his obsession with destroying Savio Lanza, his son Elia, and two more members of the Lanza family who were present on that fateful day.


As part of Nicolo's plan, he slowly but surely climbs into the higher ranks of the mafia


With each dialogue choice, the player's empathy variable increases or decreases. At the conclusion of a scene, the empathy variable determines which branch the narrative follows next - and ultimately, whether Nicolo can bring himself to kill Elia after enduring their many hardships together.